In Their Footsteps: Host a Free Documentary Screening & Discussion During #BlackHistoryMonth

CAIR-Texas is proud to offer "In Their Footsteps: An American Muslim Civil Rights Journey" documentary and discussion for Black History Month. Schools, Masjids, Interfaith groups, and more can host a screening led by civil rights icon, Mustafaa Carroll who is featured in the documentary. This 22-minute documentary follows some 30 American Muslim civil rights leaders as they journey through Alabama in April 2018 to learn about the history of slavery, lynching, segregation, and present-day racial injustice.

You will hear deep personal and emotional reflections from American Muslims, including African-Americans, who lived through segregation and Jim Crow laws, and for whom the journey brought back memories from their own lives. 

After the screening, Mustafaa Carroll will lead your group to discuss the film to gain a more profound personal experience of the civil rights movement. The screening and discussion can be done within 45 minutes to an hour.

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“...images of watching my ancestors struggle for what was right with strength and determination.” 

“As a history teacher, I find this documentary perfect for young and old people to understand our history.” 

“It takes us into the museums and tells the history of the struggle.” 

“Illustrates how important documenting history is” 

“Great, inspiring to touch the soul, makes you thankful and grateful to be a part of this great people with all its struggles.” 

“[Made me feel] reflective and a renewal of commitment to the fight for freedom, justice and equality.” 

“A film worthy of widespread dissemination.” 

“I was emotionally impacted by the cruelty of our history.” 

“The best part was that history was recorded [in this film] for all to see. Our youth must be exposed to our history.” 

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About Civil Rights Icon Mustafaa Carroll


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