X Is Not Always Negative!

  The letter X is mutable with its multiple functions. In Algebraic Equations and expressions, X acts as the unknown variable. Whether or not it be a smooth, vacant, spacious paper, it only takes a singular red X to leap and occupy all the space, leaving no room except for disappointment as it deducts points from the assessment. In both scenarios, it is universally understood as an indicator that carries a negative connotation wherever it roams. A revolutionary man would come to make such a belief of the past. Not only can his unique last name earn him recognition for being so short, but more importantly, his great impact that stretches to this day. This influential individual is Malcolm X. 


                           On May 19,1925 in Omaha, Nebraska, Malcolm X , originally Malcolm Little, was born the seventh child out of eight. His father, a Baptist minister who also fought against racial segregation and discrimination, was murdered by racially motivated white supremacists. Such great agony consequently resulted in a catastrophic chain of events for the family resulting in the family separation. Louise Little, his mother and only guardian, became distraught, which led her to spend the rest of her life in a mental institution. Therefore, Malcolm was raised in foster homes, and, at a young age, had become familiar with constant restless, unsteadiness. The most stability Malcom had felt was during the 6 years he spent in jail. Such times of dark times of anguish were inescapable, and brought nothing but more tribulation. However, Malcolm defied the impossible by making this time of crisis a gleaming transformation and became a source of inspiration. 


                           A building under construction with no layout would lead to errors in the design, inaccuracies to meet necessary requirements. Malcolm X laid the blueprint of political activism proving that basic human rights would must be achieved. He advocated for self-determination of African Americans and people of color around the world to obtain justice. In addition, he organized protests against racial segregation and police brutality in which he participated in, which is an infrequent occurrence in today’s leaders. Malcolm’s strong current of sincerity would stream from the depths of his heart and flow to the heart of others; reviving hearts that were once dead, through his charismatic public speeches. He was the outstanding depiction of how words are powerful weapons. As a distinguished spokesman, he acknowledged that what drives action are words, not violence. Malcom X was the true embodiment of the noble qualities of a true leader, and therefore inspired a generation of young activists during his time, and thereafter. 



By Sarah Adi

Sarah Adi is a10th grade student and a CAIR-TX journalism intern